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Which type of online reality show do we prepare? The first three visions are Nu metal, course of self-defense and pop school!

22/02/2013 16:15

Nu metal online video show

Our friend had an idea to make Nu metal video show within purview of the first round of think tank, where we were finding the way how and for what to use domains onlineralityshow.com and onlinerealityshow.cz. His idea seems to be good. Although it is not still that ONLINE REALITY SHOW, which we try to find, but it is the first step to right direction. Nu metal show is a project, which counts with use of YouTube as a distributive channel. From the point of own production Nu metal show is low-budget video series, where this named friend, by the way very good guitarist, would introduce basic technologies of playing guitar and mainly all stereotypes, gestures and pathos, which go hand to hand with metal from the time of its birth. Stereotypes and pathos will be shown with top view and humour. Nu metal show has to amuse firstly. From the point of view of production we are making a script and looking for suitable interior for filming. With respect to costs it will be low-budget show. Target audience is worldwide internet population, because main role will be gesture, not spoken words. This is only secondary product from the respect to fulfillment of vision of project ONLINE REALITY SHOW. Term of publishing should be known until the end 2013.

Self defense course online video show

Next vision of online show is video again. In this case it could be about course of self-defense. As a distributive channel we chose video on YouTube as-well. Courses of self-defense are contained in this video show. In contrast to Nu metal show here is not an exaggeration, but it is real course and video of teaching self-defense. From the point of view of realization and production this course is again low-budget video, where we have a trainer and solve environment and time for realization of video. The sense of course of self-defense is to present real experience through video on YouTube. The term of realization of all video show is the same, until the end 2013. Target audience is worldwide internet population as-well and we require from spectator basic English knowledge (we ourselves do not know more:). From the respect of main vision of project ONLINE REALITY SHOW it is not still THAT project. Moreover, it can remind somebody live show The Hell with Landa, which we have written about, even though it is not like that.

Pop school org – the school or list and database of schools with possibility of their rating

Project Pop School arose again as a secondary product and it is the most different from concept of ONLINE REALITY SHOW than another. Pop School should work as a database of schools with possibility of their rating, reference and feedback for school between students. This project came only for the reason, that we have the domain and we have not got any contain for it. At first we intended to make video show at domain popshool (dot) org, or more precisely some real pop school, but unfortunately we do not have neither qualified nor enthusiastic people and realizes. And more, from the point of view of production this project would cost too much. On the other hand, possibilities are opened, and may be we will find somebody, who could help us with making of database Pop School or making of Pop School itself.

Finally, we can explain why we present unfinished visions. Main reason is, except from that, we would like to use ONLINE REALITY SHOW CZ and COM as a real online think tank, where we will set to ideas and something will create (of course it has bee saying very easily). We know that our ideas can be stolen or copied. It is the reason why we show only visions and ideas, where we have bought connected domains. We are not afraid of competition, because it is healthy and it helps for growing! :)

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