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7-Eleven Road Trip Rally

7-Eleven Road Trip Rally is a web-based reality series that follows two teams as they travel across the country while buying all of their food and gasoline exclusively at 7-Eleven. The teams, labeled red and green, earn points along the way for completing different challenges, and the race culminates at the finish line of the Indy 500 auto race. Some of the more popular challenges the teams faced include making a car out of Rice Krispies treats, eating as many saltine crackers as possible in 60 seconds and competing in a game of Slurpee Pong. 7-Eleven's chief marketing officer Rita Bargerhuff stated that the goal of the project was to "use the enthusiasm around auto racing and reality television to reach new fans on the web." Viewers were also able to keep track of the progress by both teams in real-time as the corporation created a separate series website entitled 7-11roadtrip.com which fans could use as an interactive travel map.