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This is Liverpool

A new Liverpool-based reality series hoping to follow in the successful footsteps of The Only Way is Essex has debuted its first trailer.
But unfortunately for the makers of This is Liverpool - which will debut its pilot episode on YouTube - the reaction hasn't been as positive as it could be.
In the guise of cancelled E4 reality show Desperate Scousewives, the reality show - that has yet to find a broadcaster - did rack up nearly 370,000 views in just two days.
Conversely 11,000 people have liked a Facebook page protesting against the show's arrival, while 600 have signed a petition with the same aim.
Liverpool's Mayor Joe Anderson told the Liverpool Echo: “I wasn’t impressed at all with what I've seen and I think people are absolutely right, it does rely on old stereotypes about Liverpool.
“I don't think there are any Oscars going to be given for it and I think it’s one of those things to be laughed at rather than taken seriously. Maybe it should be on the Comedy Channel!”
The full pilot episode of This is Liverpool will debut in two weeks.