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Washington Post sale: Graham family's final act for the newspaper it cherished

07/08/2013 11:00

From Katharine Graham and Watergate to Don Graham and the internet, the family saw Post through its heydey – and demise.
The picture tells the story: five people are captured from behind as they walk towards the exit of the boomingly empty auditorium of the Washington Post building. Don Graham, the head of the legendary newspaper family, is on the left of the group, flanked by his wife and children.
The photograph was posted online by Marcus Brauchli, a former executive editor of the Post, shortly after Graham announced to a stunned newsroom that after 80 years in family hands the paper was being sold to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for $250m. "A brave, selfless act, as hard as any, done with dignity and from loyalty," Brauchli wrote beneath the image of the Grahams' final moments in the institution they had so long cherished.
Whether media historians look back on the sale as a selfless act of bravery will depend largely on how Bezos conducts himself in coming years. But no one can dispute how hard the move was, for Graham personally, for the wider family whose ownership stretches back to 1933 when the financier Eugene Meyer bought the Post in a bankruptcy sale, and for the staff of the paper.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2013/aug/06/washington-post-sale-graham-family?INTCMP=SRCH