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ViralBrothers (shit people say video) in the Show of Jan Kraus (Czech TV late show)

15/05/2013 21:51

Silly Piffles of ViralBrothers in the Talk show of Jan Kraus

ViralBrothers represent phenomena of Czech Youtube (Silly Piffles) and vice versa Jan Kraus is phenomena of all Czech TV stations. Media and show connect both of phenomena. While Jan Kraus is officially and by age older representative of media known and popular personality, Viral Brothers go on current wave of viral video. Really sure thing is that both of phenomena deserves own popularity, because their success is based on honest work and original ideas. On Friday 10/05/2013 these two worlds (TV versus Internet) met in TV late show “Talk show of Jan Kraus. It was very interesting and inspiring meeting. From the point of view of possibilities of viral sharing we could hear the name PSY, the Korean rapper.

Shit people say video and success on Youtube

From course of programme it was obvious, Jan Kraus is positive to success of Viral Brothers so we could not see his his, sometimes up to excessive, offences, all of three participants of talk show were agreed with themselves. Erik Meldik and Čeněk Stýblo make so called shit people say videos, what is practically video, where performers parody archetypes of behaviour and appropriate piffles with it. ViralBrothers are phenomena, not because they have created new format or style, but because that their videos have got big success in Czech environment (it means number of seeing on Youtube). And how they said, nobody can viral here a lot. But in fact it is just about form of propagation. In spite of imaginary success ViralBrothers are not satisfied with the position and they want to gain foreign internet, probably English speaking. We are testing it too through the project Online Reality Show.

Silly Piffles of ViralBrothers versus Gangnam Style of PSY

About phenomena of PSY we wrote in previous article. ViralBrothers know about his incomprehensible success. In Show of Jan Kraus they mentioned it at the end, where they stated PSY had got “only” 3000 followers before Gangnam Style and it is less than they or Kraus have. And thanks to success of Gangnam Style he is known all over the Internet (sorry, the World – it is reciprocally overlapped). Online media have just got the power and online success can have such a meaning. Because Korean PSY is financially secure to the end his life, because of Gangnam Style. From difference of him we believe Viral Brothers have got more quality product and they deserve worldwide online success. And on top of that they do what they love.

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