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The Hell with Landa (review 4/2008)

04/02/2013 22:25

"It is a machine! It just shuts up and grinds!"

It is not necessary to introduce Daniel Landa. He is a man with many attributes and you like him or not. He is the man, who is responsible for movement Skinheads in our country according to his opponents. The man, who does everything, what is in his mind. It is the reason, why many totally original projects was made and it was not brilliant only in Czech Republic. During musical boom in 90´s Landa told Pied Piper by this form. Two years ago he and his wife, as a director, made film debut Kvaska. Meanwhile he created several solo albums with variable quality, was an autocross and rally racer, he drove a trailer truck, and we can not forget he and his closest fans founded religious (or what) order Ordo Lumen Templi etc. Last autumn Landa came with another treat, his own reality show (he himself calls it life show – because it was not inside of some building, but strictly it affected its participants and their life without taking them from normal days and problems) The Hell with Landa.

The show was publicized on internet television Stream.cz, after first several parts, in period two premiere parts a week.

Main idea was trained five guys with more and less touched destiny as Thai box fighters and given their lifes new target and of course sense of doing whatever. The sales representative (or salesman), was exceptional between antisocial people. He was a prototype of today´s successful businessman, who just wanted to change the stereotype and show not only himself, that he can prove something yet.

To the project Landa invited a professional Thai box trainer (unbelievable funny Petr Machacek, his cracks was in my mind very long time – one of them is in subtitle) and a psychologist Tamara Cenklova.

It is nonsense to tell contents of all 24 parts of show. Who watched, saw. Who did not watch, probably do not want to see. Except of parts of series, it was possible to watch special parts of The Hell with Landa, those were made at backstage area. All of that was, logically, only edited version from ca. From 3 months long project.

And what was the reality show world-shaking in, opposite to another shows, when any superstar was not created by it? It might be a reason that again, for a moment five adult men became boys, who could play a bit and try things, which they could not do normally. It was the fact they showed everything is possible, it is enough to want. In the fact that nobody is perfect, unequivocal, good, that everybody are just people...


I would not search unequivocal and the one right answer. But it was made by Landa!

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