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'The Bachelor' star Sean Lowe reportedly was undecided until last minute, almost didn't choose Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter

01/03/2013 14:48

The Bachelor star Sean Lowe was reportedly still unsure which woman was for him only hours before he proposed to one of his two remaining bachelorettes. The Bachelor's seventeenth-season finale filmed on November 17, and after eight weeks of emotional cuts and memorable dates, Lowe couldn't make up his mind between Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici until just before his final Rose Ceremony, Us Weekly reported in its latest issue. "Even on the morning of the proposal, he was still thinking about what to do," a show source told Us.

In fact, Lowe reportedly considered proposing to neither bachelorette -- almost pulling a Brad Womack, who had rejected both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft during The Bachelor's 2007 edition -- since his feelings for both women were equally as strong. "Sean got very close to not choosing either Lindsay or Catherine," a production insider told Us. "He would have rather picked no one than the wrong one. He got lost in his head and was analyzing everything."

Lowe also reportedly made things more difficult for the bachelorette he ultimately rejected when he -- in a Bachelor first -- told both Yenter and Giudici he was in love with them prior to the final Rose Ceremony, presumably making both women pretty confident they'd be the one receiving his final rose.   "Sean tells two women he loves them," the insider told Us. "Sean's not someone who just got caught up in the moment. He was serious about finding a wife, and he didn't want to make the wrong decision."

With time running out in Thailand, Lowe reportedly desperately sought out each woman at separate times for off-camera conversations in which he grilled them with questions to hopefully arrive at his answer. "These weren't loving chats," said the source. "These were nervous, freaked-out chats" that allegedly revolved around post-The Bachelor life. "They discussed faith, family and what their futures would look like," the source explained, adding that Lowe wanted to make sure his powerful chemistry with the women wasn't blinding his desire and need for long-term success. "He was confident they both loved him, but he was nervous about it working out. He wanted to know they were 100% percent committed to this life together."

According to Us, the Dallas native also looked to his religious family for advice and support after they met each woman, but even they had trouble determining which bachelorette would be the better match for Lowe. "Both Lindsay and Catherine got along well with his family. Sean's family liked them too, and saw what he liked in them," noted the source. "Sean used [his sister] Shay as a sounding board," added the insider. "Her advice was to remember the things that were most important to him: his faith and his family. She said that should be his guide. He respected what she had to say, but ultimately, the decision was his alone. And he was terrified of making the wrong one."

Following a lot of reflection, deliberation and prayer, Lowe reportedly finally settled on his selection the morning of the proposal. "He took a leap of faith. By the time he made his decision, he was completely confident. He went with who he knew would be right for him and who would fit in with what he valued most," explained the source. "It was a very traditional finale. There were a lot of tears from the winner and the loser. It was emotional for both women," the source told Us, which reported Lowe ultimately proposed with a 3.5-carat cushion-cut Neil Lane diamond engagement ring.

Although he seemed to arrive at his decision a little late, Lowe reportedly isn't second-guessing his choice of fiancee. "Sean has no regrets," added the insider. "He and his bride-to-be are both really happy." The Bachelor's seventeenth-season finale will air on March 11 on ABC. The following week, the network will premiere the sixteenth season of Dancing with the Stars -- which Lowe will reportedly be competing on -- in the same Monday night timeslot.

Source: https://www.realitytvworld.com/news/the-bachelor-star-sean-lowe-reportedly-was-undecided-until-last-minute-almost-didnt-choose-catherine-giudici-or-lindsay-yenter-14492.php

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