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31/01/2013 08:20

 Sense of ONLINE REALITY SHOW is to make a internet show 

Project of the ONLINE REALITY SHOW should work as a think tank, which could help to make a new model of media reality show. Possilbilities are, technically speaking, unlimited. Because of internet is (in spite of all efforts about its regulation) limiteless and free, almost all possibilities are opened. It is not evident, which type of ONLINE REALITY SHOW we will make at the end. We have got many ideas, but we need to select them by think tank and get real and working business and economical model, which we will offer for selling after that.

Business strategies of ONLINE REALITY SHOW can be two – to make operation profit or exit of strategy.

ONLINE REALITY SHOW has got two possibilities and both of them are leaned on internet as a medium, where ONLINE REALITY SHOW should work primarily. The first possibility is to make operation profit from Ads advertisement.The second one is exit of strategy, where the goal is to sell all project to some medial group or company from show business. In any case, alfa and omega of success of ONLINE REALITY SHOW is built on attendance of the same name of web pages, which should, as a support of advertisement and as well whole ONLINE REALITY SHOW, generate profit from advertisement.

What possibilities does ONLINE REALITY SHOW have?

The first thought possibility is the project of ONLINE REALITY SHOW itself, how you see it. It means ONLINE REALITY SHOW works as a blog, where we write about making ONLINE REALITY SHOW.

Another possibilities we are not proclaiming directly for now, nevertheless you will find it, at least, as fragments in articles published as performances of all think tank, which is connected with seeking of bussiness and working model of ONLINE REALITY SHOW.

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