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Owner of the apartment tenants spying camera behind the mirror in the bathroom

29/08/2013 11:10

Months, maybe even years secretly watched landlord tenants, especially students and young couples. He served the webcam hidden behind the mirror in the bathroom. Třiapadesátiletého Jihlava man accused police of harming another person's rights. He faces up to two years in prison. Trial begins in late September.
Last September, four young people rented an apartment in apartment building in Jihlava Vančurova street. Until January in it quite happily live and enjoy life. She did not know everything that is going on in their bathroom, sees the floor where the owner of the apartment.
"In early January tenants accidentally broke a mirror in the bathroom. Behind discovered a hidden webcam," said police spokeswoman Jana Jihlava Kroutilová. Shocked to find tenants immediately reported to the police.
Investigators soon rang at the door of the apartment owner. During a house search for him found and seized computer equipment and dozens of media with footage from the bathroom in a rented apartment.
According to the Jihlava journal that published the details of the case, had a camera installed in a bathroom for months, if not years. In the pictures of the sheet by using intimate moments and sex and strangers, probably previous tenants. Owner prefer an apartment rented to young couples or students.

Source: https://jihlava.idnes.cz/clanek.aspx?c=A130829_102051_jihlava-zpravy_mv