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Online success Psy (Gangnam Style & Gentleman) – in main role media, all embraced nihilism and stroke

17/04/2013 21:32

On Youtube viral success made global phenomenon from rapper Psy without real efficient

Korean rapper Psy made hole into the world by online viral (viral = The Internet promotion, which is not just aimed, but to its propagation it uses users of Internet and social nets, who propagate advertising between themselves. Viral propagation can have from of video on Youtube or picture, animation or text. Video is definitely the most effective, because it is not necessary to use so big part of brain opposite to reading). All world knows video clip of Gangnam Style because of social nets (Facebook, Twitter, …). This video clip is not any masterpiece. It is classic “dancing” video, where rapper Psy shows this wannabe dance. Viral has become from that video in the moment, when the dance was sent up by someone. The dance, which Psy shows in video of Gangnma Style, is funny for people in South Korea, but for us, less educated and ingenious, it reminds pseud-jokes of Saturday TV evenings, where it is just missed laugh, made in advance, or title applause us to be sure when we have to laugh, because it is very funny!

Online and offline media, social nets and free advertising

Because none reads printed news-paper (although many people buy it), most of publishing houses has got own online version, where the content, which is written next day in news-paper, is published (most probably for preparing or readers). Psy and Gangnam Style got to journalists, whom their enlightened publishings connected to Internet and success was on the world. Journalists had to topic for writing and they started feeding papers (offline) and internet (online) news papers about people, who again made parody of Gangnam Style. Psy could rub his hands. Disco rapper, whose shadow would not overrun boards of South Korea, because all over the world, every small village has got dozen of these “artists” without the exception. Media, which chase for themes , which must be presented by somebody, because it can not find and make its topics, would get benefits from south-Korean rapper or at least share from profit from Youtube. It is a fact, that, because a phenomenon Psy, contemplative articles and reflections on the topic “elements of south-Korean dance”, what is the same like somebody takes video clip of Czech group Maxim Turbulence and starts to describe Czech natural folklore dance on their art.

Chance (and plebs) chose Psy – do you want another celebrity yourself?

Gentleman, the newest video from South Korea, is anyway ordinary, funny and necessary like Gangnam Style. Social nets and Internet is responsible for success of Psy, no original singing, no original dance. And of course plus as well visible weirdness of his first act, because of making the

1st parody on Gangnam Style. And it is, dear readers, how to make global star and exactly it is how to look online successful celebrity. So if you have full letterbox of postal order and you do not react for ring, because you are scared, it could be an executor, try to think your own viral and be successful with it on the global market! You will help yourself and languishing economy in the Czech Republic same, like Psy has helped himself and South Korea. It is not possible? Yes, chance plays big role. But when you will look online stupid enough, that video parody will create, it is the 1st thing, which says you are on the right way. Plebs will help you to the target then.


Guestbook: Online success Psy (Gangnam Style & Gentleman) – in main role media, all embraced nihilism and stroke

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