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Online Reality Show for Young Entrepreneurs

13/05/2017 19:30

making movesHave you heard of “Making Moves”?

“Making Moves” is an online reality show following 22 year old CEO Alex Hodara who founded the Hodara Real Estate Group while still in college with no loans or outside investment. His company has done over $4 million in deals to date and has grown into a five-business enterprise including a development company and record label. The show chronicles Hodara and his team during their exciting daily lives as they continue building the company throughout the country and try to launch the music career of their friend Daniel Revel Miller.

Watch as Alex and his team go through the ups and downs of running a business.

Episode 3 “Trouble in Chi-town”


In the episode:

  • The team finds a dog?
  • An agents first property sale
  • A solution to parking problems in Boston
  • The team heads to Chicago to speak at a conference
  • Hotel troubles in Chicago

“Making Moves” brings together the fun and exciting lives of young entrepreneurs with the business lessons and setbacks that always occur. It is never easy starting up a company but as the “Making Moves” guys show us it is fun and they would have it no other way!

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