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Online Reality Show Fireball Run Coming to Topsail Island

19/05/2015 19:17
TOPSAIL ISLAND -- An online reality show with a mission to find America's missing children is coming to North Carolina. 
Fireball Run is an adventure and travel entertainment series that ventures to eight cities in the U.S. annually. 
"It's like a life-size trivial pursuit game, in which the teams have all these clues. The clues are based on their geographic positions and points of interest," said J. Sanchez, executive producer of Fireball Run. 
On Sept. 29, 40 teams will be stopping on Topsail Island. 
"We have four mayors and two counties, Onslow and Pender, on board. So we're really excited," said Tammy Proctor, director of the Topsail Chamber. 
Sanchez said the show has 1.7 million viewers, that watch through streaming services like Google Play, Amazon Fire TV and iTunes. 
"Through that, we're able to promote tourism, we're able to promote excitement and community passion and pride, as well as aid in a massive recovery effort for America's missing kids," Sanchez said. 
The show partners with the Child Resource Network, assigning each team a child from their hometown. 
"They're provided a decal of that child and the stats of the child that go on their vehicle, as well as 2,000 missing child posters, one for every mile in Fireball Run," Sachez said. 
To date, the show has helped find 44 children. It's a show with a cause that community leaders are excited to have coming to North Carolina. 
"It's going to help economic development. It's going to help tourism. And most importantly help find missing children," said Mayor Zander Guy of Surf City. 
After filming in September, the show will be available for streaming in June of 2016. 
For more information on Fireball Run, visit www.fireballrun.com.

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