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Offer of work/cooperation – it is found a producer or a product manager for online reality show (English is not a condition)

16/07/2013 17:55

Creative job in online environment for participation of profit

Online reality show (COM/CZ) is finding a producer or self-contained creative man, who would like to participate in a formation of business model of whole project. It is not so much the realization of online reality show, it means from the point of view of production. The goal of cooperation is to create working dramaturgic and business model of the internet show on the domain onlinerealityshow (dot) cz and com (in reality it is not important in which one, see below). We have got some ideas, but we do not have experience, so that we are finding a professional or excited man, it is not substantial. The important thing is, that offered from of cooperation does not promise any salary or classic job, but in case of successful reality show it is share from profit.

The goal of cooperation at online reality show

The goal of cooperation is exit of whole online project. It means not only realization. Really, we are finding a producer, who wants to evaluate own experience, more than the product manager. We demand independence and verifiable experience or concrete reference. Project of online reality show stands just and only on domain (com and cz). The cooperation is not conditioned by knowledge of English language. We have our specialist for translation, nevertheless share and fee will depend on content of success of whole online project. It is mainly about idea for working model of this specific reality show and potential for thinking strategy, which means sale of concrete medial group or corporation.

Potential and starting situation of project of online reality show

The project of online reality show stands online on domain (or more precisely domains com and cz). It means, that foundations are strong, nevertheless not extremely unique. Because the domain, which is compound from three key words, is easily interchangeable. Because of that we give bigger stress on personal responsibility and ideas for possibility of real cooperation. We do not impede to make own onlinerealityshow on another or similar domain to anyone.

This offer is valid until finding of capable producer or product manager.