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IDC-Facebook Always Connected.pdf

21/04/2013 21:29

Think about your typical day. When do you feel the most or least connected to people, information and the world around you? In this study from IDC, sponsored by Facebook, the key ending is that mobile + social = connectedness.
Smartphones, coupled with rich applications and mobile data services, allow us to connect with our family, friends and community from the moment we wake up until the end of our day. Our research shows that, rather than feeling overwhelmed by it, we enjoy
and value this increased social connectedness.
Today, half of the total US population uses smartphones. The convenience of being able to
interact with anyone, anytime, anywhere, makes the phone a more critical tool than ever before.

Source: https://fb-public.box.com/s/3iq5x6uwnqtq7ki4q8wk