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Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA)

08/03/2013 15:15

Marketing and online media for AXE

It is a dandy! It was the first sentence, which was in our mind, when we found the existence of Axe Apollo Space Academy (AASA). It is not too long, when we wrote about using of online media and marketing for getting money for realizing of dreams and look! Axe “is flying” in that! It is really that model of promotion, which we described as a possibility of using advertisement and online media for making the dream, which looked seemingly unreal. Of course, we will watch all competition of Axe Apollo Space Academy and we will see, how marketing will be able to get this competition by help of online promotion and sharing,

Rules and system of Axe Apollo Space Academy

Axe Apollo Space Academy is a competition which will have 3 rounds in all. The first one is basic choice from all applicants, who will register to the competition. Successful of them will move forward to the second round, which is called “National Space Base” and it is about national round of competition, where the best adepts will choose and Axe finally will send them to Global Space Base of AASA. It is in USA and there will be meeting of winners from previous round and final choice of winners of competition.

The prize of AASA = Fly to the Space

Main prize will be real fly to the Space. All competition of Axe Apollo Space Academy is focused on experience, not research. The participants will attend set of extraordinary disciplines and meetings. For promotion Axe uses social nets (among others Facebook, apparently Twitter and generally online marketing means), so all competition has moved to the Internet. It is the reason, why it is obvious we partly described in last article about fulfilment of dreams, which is covered under Axe Apollo Space Academy. Long live online world and space! :)

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