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YouTube Prankster Arrested For Jumping Over Cops [Video]

22/03/2013 09:14

Charles Ross, an eighteen-year-old YouTube prankster, was reportedly arrested after videoing himself performing a front flip over two unsuspecting police officers. In the clip, which was uploaded to the web on Saturday, Ross places his camera in position then jumps over two uniformed cops sitting on a park picnic table.
Unimpressed by the teen’s stunt, the cops threaten to hurt Ross and arrest him if he ever attempts something like it again. “Next time you do this I will break your freakin neck,” one of the cops can be heard saying. Once the officers realize the entire incident was being recorded, they inform Ross they will erase the video and “ruin his day.”
The prankster appears to attempt to make a run for it, but the officers quickly cut him off, pinning him to the ground as they handcuff him. The clip (seen below) ends when one of the police officers grabs the camera and shuts it off. Ross, who operates the YouTube channel Ross Creations, is notorious for his outlandish pranks, which which range from kissing strangers to performing handstands over sunbathers.
At the time of this article, Ross Creations had over 96,000 subscribers and nearly eight million video views. You can check out some of Charles Ross’ YouTube pranks in the videos below: Surprisingly (or maybe not), Ross’ cop jumping stunt wasn’t the first prank that has landed him in jail.
In January, the YouTuber was arrested for allegedly giving wedgies to people outside of a movie theater in his hometown. The footage from that prank was never uploaded to his channel.

Source: https://www.inquisitr.com/577382/charles-ross-arrested-jumping-over-cops-video/

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