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We Talk to the Stars of the Online Reality Show "Life in the Dog House"

28/11/2013 18:25

Can you imagine running a house with 21 dogs in it? Reality stars Chris and Mariesa did just that.
Chris Hughes and Mariesa Caliguire run an eight-dog household. If that wasn't enough of a canine commitment, they also recently fostered another dog who just so happened to have a litter of pups while staying at their abode. That took Chris and Mariesa's in-home total to a whopping 21 dogs! They've since successfully placed the pups in new loving homes and, in the process, become the lead figures in a new online reality show called Life in the Dog House.
With the second episode of Life in the Dog House out now (and available to view at the end of this post), we called up Chris and Mariesa to get their real-life tips on running a harmonious multi-dog household, talk about the heartbreaking scenes they've seen while rescuing dogs, and find out which scamp broke a very expensive vacuum cleaner.

Source: https://www.dogster.com/lifestyle/reality-tv-show-online-life-in-the-dog-house-video-rescue-adoption