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UK retailer Tesco launched a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in space for the kicks, and is about to live-stream it

11/04/2015 09:15
UK retailer Tesco will celebrate the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge launch with an appropriate blast-off that sees one courageous S6 edge taken to the literal edge of space! Technically, it's a pretty quiet blast-off, as Tesco accomplished the mission with a space baloon instead of say, renting a Space X rocket from Elon Musk. But we can't blame Tesco for opting for the cost-effective approach in today's tough economy!
The S6 edge was launched from a secret location somewhere within Peak District National Park. Tesco says its baloon-smartphone-and-duct-tape Android spaceship reach travelled 32.5km on an upward trajectory, surviving winds as rough as 99.4 miles per hour (160km/h) and temperatures as cold as 134.6F (-57 degrees Celsius).
The GS6 edge is floating in space as we speak, so Tesco is toying with the public by promising to award the Twitter user who tweets "DROP" and "#S6EdgeOfSpace" at the exact time the baloon bursts and sends the smartphone on a rough downward trip. Tesco also has a prize for the one who manages to guess the time of the inevitable crash-landing. We, on the other hand, can't wait to see how the Gorilla Glass 4 protection will fare against the forces of space and gravity!
In about 18 hours from the time of writing (which is Apr 09, 2015 10:13 CDT), Tesco will begin live-streaming the GS6 edge's space adventures. Yeah, did we mention the balloon also carries a bunch of GoPro cameras recording the entire ordeal? It totally does, so feel free to come back here, or take a trip to Tesco's YouTube channel to see how Samsung's curved screen flagship is doing in the orbit. And good luck if you plan on tweeting in the competition!