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Twitter Will Introduce a Music Application

13/04/2013 15:13

Twitter is an online service where millions of people go to chat. Now the company behind it is hoping that it will also be where they go to find new music.
Twitter is introducing a music feature that is expected to use the listening habits of users’ friends and contacts to recommend music for them to listen to, giving its more than 200 million users more to send tweets about and another reason to stay logged in. But exactly what form the music service will take is unclear.
On Friday, Twitter set up a page on the Web that was blank except for the company’s silhouetted bird logo, “#music” and a sign-in tab that, when clicked, asked users to give a trending music application access to their account. The wording of the page changed slightly throughout the day, but it described an application that could scan users’ Twitter feeds, update their profiles and even post tweets, suggesting an ability to alert users about the music their friends were listening to.
Another clue to the service is Twitter’s acquisition of We Are Hunted, which recommends new music based on social media conversation. After weeks of rumors, Twitter announced on Thursday that it had bought the company.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/13/business/media/clues-emerge-about-twitters-music-feature.html?hpw&_r=0

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