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Twitter and Apple prepare to launch music services

13/04/2013 14:49

Apple and Twitter are both expected to make significant incursions into the music space in the near future in moves that could challenge Spotify, Pandora and other independent music services.
Apple is understood to be preparing a music streaming service that would challenge existing ones such as Spotify and Pandora in the US, after reports said that it was close to securing licensing deals with Universal Music and Warner Music, two of the three major music labels. Negotiations with the third, Sony Music, are said to be "less advanced", while there is no indication of independent labels' willingness to sign.
But industry gossip points to a launch of the service, perhaps called "iRadio", later this year. That would cement Apple's position in the digital music space, where its iTunes Music Store – which is ten years old this month – already makes it the biggest music retailer in the world.
Music streaming is a fast-growing space, where the number of subscribers grew 44% in 2012 to 20m.
Twitter, meanwhile, is expected to launch a dedicated product optimised for music, being readied by Twitter for launch at this weekend's Coachella music festival, where artists including Blur will be playing.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/apr/12/twitter-apple-music-streaming-service

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