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Titanic sinking played out in real time on Twitter

16/04/2013 12:38

The sinking of the Titanic has been played out in real time via Twitter on the 100th anniversary of the disaster.
A Twitter account set up by The History Press has detailed the doomed voyage day by day since March 12 from the perspective of the captain, crew members, engineers, officers and first, second and third class passengers.
But the action really hotted up in the past few hours, when, the ship struck an iceberg - exactly 100 years to the minute after the real-life collision.
Among the tweets describing the scene onboard was a tweet from the bandmaster, saying: "No questions, I have received an order to play, and play we will."
A message from a first class passenger read: "This is tiresome, but I suppose one has to show willing. Come along darling, out on deck as they say."
As the scale of the disaster became apparent, another passenger tweeted "Everyone is being ordered up immediately for boarding onto the lifeboats. They will never take all the passengers onboard!"

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/titanic-anniversary/9994015/Titanic-sinking-played-out-in-real-time-on-Twitter.html

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