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The Wanted to star in 'The Wanted Life' reality series on E!

08/02/2013 16:46

E! says it is working on a reality series that follows the British pop band The Wanted as it records its third album in California. The new half-hour show "The Wanted Life" is to premiere in June in the United States on E! and around the world this fall. "The rock-star lifestyle is something that everyone has fantasized about and The Wanted are giving viewers total access into their world as they live out this dream," Suzanne Kolb, president of E!, said in a statement Wednesday.
"This series is a perfect blend of music, bromance and super-stardom chronicling the lives of one of music's biggest groups as they continue to make their mark on the global stage."
"America has a long history of falling for British bad boy musicians, so it's no surprise that The Wanted are already beloved by legions of fans far and wide," said Ryan Seacrest, the show's executive producer.
"This talented and outspoken English-Irish band are setting their own course to fame and this journey is the foundation of the series. It's a road that's bound to include irresistible pop tracks along with plenty of humor, antics and drama behind-the-scenes, which I believe will further ignite fascination and even obsession with these guys."

Source: https://www.realitytvworld.com/news/the-wanted-star-in-the-wanted-life-reality-series-on-e!-1033233.php

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