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Target group vs. Participants of ONLINE REALITY SHOW

04/02/2013 21:59

What type of participants does ONLINE REALITY SHOW need? How does TV actually choose participants for own reality shows? And what is target group of our reality show? These are all aspects which are necessary to know for making of business model, because ONLINE REALITY SHOW can work without it, but it can not be working project. Concurrently we do not search at competition. Actually we do not know, who is our competition. But by the fact, it was free as domain onlinerealityshow.com so domain onlinerealityshow.cz, it is sure nobody tries to make online reality show.

The Hell with Landa – the first Internet live show

As an example (from the point of view of traffic) of successful internet show we could take the example from series The Hell with Landa, which was produced by internet TV Stream and was under the patronage of Seznam.cz. Daniel Landa himself called this series live show, not at all reality show. He did not want to build it at participants, who are closed in artificial environment (TV studio or villa), but he wanted to build it on the confrontation with real world of kick box (the target of live show The Hell with Landa was to make kick box fighters, who could stand in arena with real champions, from “normal” guys in relative short time. In hindsight, from the point of view of achievement of target, whole show was not so good (see final part, where real fight was missed), nevertheless way of participants to target worked and was dramatic enough and attractive for viewers. At that time Stream had average ratings about 200000 RU during every part and to these days more than 600000 RU watched final fight. In one of special parts, which accompanied normal parts, producer of live show said that loads for The Hell with Landa are about 8,000,000 CZK.

ONLINE REALITY SHOW should be different, original

The Hell with Landa is not that type of show, what ONLINE REALITY SHOW should be. The Internet is our environment. It means all ONLINE REALITY SHOW has to be born, not just present itself. Miriam and Daniel Landa used The Internet and TV Stream only as a medium, where online communication was going on with viewers (chat, guest book) and of course as a medium, where all live show was broadcast. Any television did not buy rights for broadcasting of all project (as long as I know) ever. It is our target as well. To use ONLY The Internet, without television.

Guestbook: Target group vs. Participants of ONLINE REALITY SHOW

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