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Sochi Winter Olympic Games like a online reality show on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks

06/02/2014 13:18

And the gold medal for the most vile thing at Sochi goes to . . .? (Clue: it's not Putin) Olympic visitors' horror at hotels awash with stray dogs, brown water, bugs and no light bulbs

    Journalists checking in at hotel bookings made last summer left shocked
    Guests tweet pictures of yellow water, lobbies with no floors, stray dogs
    Follows news Russia has exceeded budget by millions for games this week
    Comes as fears rise over homophobic attack and terrorist plots

With terrorist threats, homophobic attacks, and diplomatic tensions, many have questioned whether Sochi is ready to hold the Winter Olympic Games.
Now, just days away from the landmark event, the first images have emerged of the city's unprepared hotels. And it seems the doubtful were right.
Journalists checking in were left stunned as they arrived for bookings made last summer to be told they would have to wait indefinitely.
The few that did get rooms, were met with stray dogs, half-built walls, and toxic yellow water spitting from the sinks.
One hotel lobby had no floor - but staff had found time to hang a framed photo of Vladimir Putin.
Mark MacKinnon tweeted: 'For those of you wondering, when's there's no lobby in your hotel, you go to the owner's bedroom to check in.'
Another guesthouse warned toilet users not to flush loo roll but instead put it in the plastic bin by the door.
One reporter was told to wait a day for their room, which had no running water, no internet - and no door to access it.
Nearby, hotel managers advised guests not to splash water on their faces as it 'contains something dangerous'.
Having book 11 rooms five months ago, CNN's team were told to share one.
The shocking images and anecdotes comes after it emerged Russia exceeded its budget by millions to spend $32billion on the games.
Russia insists widespread fears for human rights are unfounded despite a video by Human Rights Watch incorporating clips from some of the worst examples of homophobic violence in Russia which has been filmed and uploaded to the internet.
However, Vladimir Putin has sanctioned action to be taken on the city's large population of stray dogs.
In a bid to make the area presentable to welcome in people from around the world, the animals are being fed poison on the streets and left to die.
The strategy has outraged animal rights activists - and baffled journalists arriving in Sochi today who claim the city is brimming with ailing dogs.
Meanwhile, a top U.S. counterterrorist official says there are 'a number of specific threats' aimed at the Winter Olympics that start this week in Sochi, Russia - with the greatest danger coming from the Caucasus Emirate, which has threatened to attack the games.
Russia has mounted a massive security operation for the Olympics, deploying more than 50,000 police and soldiers amid threats from Muslim insurgents.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2552200/Welcome-Sochi-Journalists-horror-finding-hotels-awash-stray-dogs-brown-water-bugs-no-lightbulbs-days-ahead-Games.html