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Reality show completely online is a new format, which is waiting for a (un)success

30/09/2013 09:44

Rich TV reality show and disinterest

TV format reality show is exhausted. In the Czech Republic there is several TV reality show, but any from it is not met with bigger viewers´ success. The reason is, that actually realized or recently finished reality show only recycle already in some years realized formats of searching Superstar, Talent or Chosen People. The fact of this recycling is a reason, that TV stations look for certainty and then they bet on programmes, which were already successful. But in fact loads for TV reality show are quite high. For example, realization of production of reality show means million investment in building of house, where the programme goes on + installation of technology. Viewer ratings of number hundred thousand can not cover these loads.

Production is, of course, the problem of unsuccess, because they have not got any amazing ideas and because of it they invite freaks to residence, but these people are not interesting for viewers. If the reality show would be successful, then it must seem to show “real” life. It is not represented by group of freaks in false environment of residence.

Cheap TV reality show and money

Of course, cheap formats of TV reality show exist as well. Actually, for example, TV Barrandov tries to break through with reality show about cutting hair. May be it sounds bizarre, but why not. Similarly, culinary TV show or show about slimming work. All of it are low cost programmes, where production can not invest lots of money to cover loads, so it is possible to make profitable TV programme with low number of viewers.

Online reality show and the Internet

In fact for absolutely new type of reality show it exists environment of internet, it means media, where most of population spend more time than in front of TV. And more, The Internet is interactive and does not force users (or viewers) to consume offered programmes passively, but it is possible to use it effectively for straight presence and connection of spectators. Online reality show can have many forms. It can be show about cooking just as online transmission of everyday life. Successful internet reality show the programme “The Hell with Landa” on TV Stream introduce, where internet worked just as a distributional medium, which replaced TV.

In framework of own online reality show a topic is, of course, basic. Not only own realization of online reality show is not a goal, but sale of this format on English-speaking-market, where is definitely more spectators than in the Czech Republic.