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Online Reality Shows

28/11/2013 18:09

The online reality shows here on the Verbavision Network are putting the 'real' back into reality. This is reality entertainment that's personal. It was always my aim when I started this site to create a network where people can create their own brand of personal reality entertainment. A place where people can upload and share their creations other than YouTube where it gets lost in the vast sea of viral video hopefuls. A place where you can create your own show from your own home that showcases your own personal talent, skill or love of anything in particular.
Reality shows are the most popular type of TV shows today, but are anything but real. They're scripted programs with actors and actresses portraying unreal circumstances that you know you and I never face on a day to day basis. LET'S GET REAL PEOPLE! I know you're all out there shooting video with all these wonderful new gadgets. Singing, dancing, being funny and crazy, being informative or professional about all aspects of your lives. Communicating the personal reality entertainment in your lives via wonderful things like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing the personal creativity in your lives. Why not have a network of our own. Online reality shows can be the real in reality. You don't need big video production companies anymore or expensive equipment. There's no need to pay a company to publish and distribute your material anymore. We have the internet where we can do all of that ourselves. Come join the Verbavision network. Who needs Hollywood. We're all actors and actresses everyday. We're comedians, musicians, drama queens and socialites. Grab a video gadget and create!
Follow my lead. I'm creating my own online reality shows as we speak. I personally want to put the music back in music television. That's why I created Tgod Television. If you're old enough like me to remember the good old days of MTV, then check out Tgod Television. MTV doesn't even have anything to do with music anymore. Remember the great Vj's and the age of music video. I also have a show that brings back the good old, old days before MTV called Mike Verba's Rooock Concert to pay tribute to the God Don (Kirshner) and wonderful shows like In Concert and The Midnight Special. Also, follow me as I travel to the rowdiest, venues, mosh pits and coolest dance clubs on the east coast with Tgod's Travelogue.
Come one come all. Come join something new and wonderful. Come join The Verbavision Network of online reality shows. This site is entirely interactive where you can upload stories, pictures, videos and create your band pages, fan pages or whatever you want. There are submission pages all over the site. There's no annoying registration, it's free and above all, IT'S FUN!! Check out Tgod Television and join me. I'll help you out any way I can. Just contact me and help us grow!

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