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Mark Zuckerberg in Prague walked across the Charles Bridge. Saw him Liška, political leader of Green party

24/05/2013 15:10

Sorry Mark, I know you take this photo today in Prague on the Charles Bridge was very rude, wrote Thursday afternoon on Twitter user Lukasz Porwol. How to do a short interview for IHNED.cz said when met him, he just simply took a picture of him and apologized for it.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, along with his wife Priscilla Chan on Thursday afternoon through Prague. At least it looks like photos by users of the social network Twitter Lukasz Porwola, who bought the Charles Bridge.
According to the slide by one of the richest and most influential men in the world with a partner to go to the Charles Bridge towards the Lesser Town Square.
Report on the residence of the famous billionaire surprised by Czech politicians. "The Prime Minister will not meet with Mark Zuckerberg, on a possible meeting with some members of the government at this point we do not know," said IHNED.cz Jakub Stadler from the press department of the Cabinet Office.
Random Zuckerberg in Prague saw the Greens leader Ondrej Liska. "I'm pretty sure it was him. Saw him at Hradcany Square, just before the start of our demonstrations. Yet I thought that I would see him and told him that the whole event is convened only through Facebook, but then I could not make it, "he told Fox IHNED.cz, which convened on Thursday afternoon demonstration against delays around the appointment of Martin C. Putna professor.

Source: https://zpravy.ihned.cz/cesko/c1-59938160-mark-zuckerberg-se-v-praze-prochazel-po-karlove-moste-zahledl-ho-i-sef-zelenych-liska

Guestbook: Mark Zuckerberg in Prague walked across the Charles Bridge. Saw him Liška, political leader of Green party

Mark Zuckerberg in Brno

Onlinerealityshow.com 24/05/2013
And here is in Brno!

Re: Mark Zuckerberg in Brno

mike 27/05/2013
that's amazing. i never would have imagined that he would be in Brno
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