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Looking for a job and an employment like a first inspiration for making ONLINE REALITY SHOW

05/02/2013 15:32

TV stand up show of HBO "Stand-up Comedy" as an inspiration for ONLINE REALITY SHOW

Television stand up of HBO “Stand-up Comedy“ was absolutely first impulse for realization of ONLINE REALITY SHOW. TV program “Stand-up Comedy” we do not watch periodically, but we know basic zingers and performances from Youtube.com archive. During one evening, it was 14 days ago, we watched it finally on TV. It was a repeat performance from 2012. One of show-men, unfortunately I can not remember his name, offered not only funny performance, but, as well, very interesting probe to qualities of outplacement agencies. I do not recall all performance, but it is not purpose of this article. In frame of his performance interesting perception was told. He said, that amateurs and theorists are workers and employees in outplacement agencies. Who another would ask a person, who is looking for a job, on entrance interview: “Where do you see yourself about 5 years later?” Stand-up performer glossed it very well, he showed it on forecast: “We life in the time, when very sophisticated weather forecast for next day is real about 85%. And tell me now, damn it, where I will be about 5 years later!”

Human stupidity and archetypal situations as an inspiration of ONLINE REALITY SHOW

The first inspiration and impulse for making ONLINE REALITY SHOW was to make a website, or blog, where we would write experience from interviews. It could be something like a verbal fight with windmills, but at the same time the blog would work not only as an enlightenment, but a fun as well. A form of fun points to stupidity and incompetence of people, who look down of you (there is no other way, if you are on interview and want to get a job – in that situation more than stupid employee of personnel agency is always one up on you) and they only use power of their position, not only their skills. It is true, that realization of that type of ONLINE REALITY SHOW would be really only blog or more precisely internet diary. But inspiration became realization and it brought buying of domains onlinerealityshow.cz a onlinerealityshow.com.

Media and the Internet as a place of presentation

We like online world. Not just us, the team of onlinerealityshow, but generally and globally. People spend online hours and hours. They divide the time between social media like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin or seeking of information. To seeking or getting information we can use social nets, where we use a question to our online friends, or own seeking. For searching Google is here and Google is simultaneously the only medium, where ONLINE REALITY SHOW, or rather all its making and all think tank, is presented by us. We will integrate Facebook and social nets in general, when something will be to present. If you found this blog and article here, Google is responsible for that.

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