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Life Upscale, Uptown. (a Reality show) promo videos

02/04/2014 09:57

We are creating a reality show called LIFE UPSCALE UPTOWN starring yours truly Merita Rex & Olee Cando which will be aired in August 2014. This is a huge challenge for all of us that are involved in this project to deliver you the best entertainment that we have to offer . We are facing a very interesting journey and YOU can be a part of it as well. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our Life Upscale Uptown team then send us a paragraph highlighting your experience and some examples of your work to info@upscale-uptown.com. Whether it be artistic, technical, or managerial experience, keep in mind that we are looking for motivated professionals. LET THE JOURNEY BEGINN!!!

Life Upscale, Uptown is a reality show highlighting the lives of the entrepreneurs behind a German based entertainment company. The show brings together the fun and exciting lives of the young entrepreneur couple, one hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and the other originally from Kosovo, with the business lessons, success and setbacks that always occur.

It is never easy starting and maintaining a company but as the Life Upscale, Uptown girls show us, it is fun with never a dull moment and through it all, we control our own destiny!

If you are interested in supporting this project please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you

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