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Kim Dotcom lambasts 'largest data massacre in the history of the internet'

24/06/2013 21:23

Hosting provider says it stored data for a year with 'nobody showing interest' before reprovisioning for other customers.
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has attacked the internet-hosting company LeaseWeb after it wiped data from 630 servers that were used by his online storage service before it was shut down in January 2012.
Dotcom raged against LeaseWeb's decision in a series of tweets starting on Wednesday afternoon, suggesting in characteristically bombastic style that "this is the largest data massacre in the history of the internet".
He went on to claim that LeaseWeb had wiped the former Megaupload servers on 1 February 2013, but waited several months before informing Dotcom yesterday of its actions.
"Millions of personal #Megaupload files, petabytes of pictures, backups, personal & business property forever destroyed by #Leaseweb," tweeted Dotcom, who contrasted LeaseWeb's actions with those of Carpathia, another of Megaupload's hosting providers.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/jun/20/kim-dotcom-leaseweb-megaupload-data-internet

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