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ITV faces censure over Patsy Kensit's Weight Watchers plug

22/04/2013 16:42

Watchdog summons broadcaster to meeting after former Emmerdale star made several references to brand on chatshow.
ITV has been summoned to a meeting with media regulator Ofcom after an Alan Titchmarsh interview with Patsy Kensit turned into a Weight Watchers plug – the broadcaster's third such transgression in two years.
Former Emmerdale star Kensit, who is an ambassador for Weight Watchers, spent more than half of the five-minute interview talking about her weight and made several references to the weight loss programme.
ITV said the references were "brief and not unduly prominent" but Ofcom said the overall effect of the interview was to "promote and endorse WeightWatchers as an effective method of weight loss".
Titchmarsh introduced Kensit in his afternoon chatshow, broadcast on 14 February, telling her: "There's nothing of you!" and "You are a bit of a shadow of your former self. Give us the sort of weight history then."
Kensit told Titchmarsh: "So I was doing a show called Emmerdale and a lot of the people at Yorkshire TV were – each week someone would come and they'd go to this WeightWatchers meeting. So I joined and it's an amazing diet."
She said Weight Watchers was the "one thing that worked. The weight comes off and it stays off", and twice referred to its "ProPoints" counting system.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2013/apr/22/patsy-kensit-weightwatchers-plug-alan-titchmarsh-ofcom

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