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Instagram video: is it a Vine-killer?

24/06/2013 21:36

Hands on with the photo-sharing app's new 15-second clips and Cinema video stabilisation.
The Instagram photography app now has 130m active users, so its addition last night of video features should spark a boom in shared footage of children, dinners, cats and drunken tomfoolery. That's progress for you.
Flippancy aside, though, will Instagram's new features be a hit or a flop with users? Has the Facebook-owned app integrated them elegantly, or crowbarred them in ham-fistedly due to the popularity of Twitter's Vine app?
Does my Eton Mess sundae look best in motion with the Dogpatch, Maven or Moon filters? All questions that can finally be answered, as the new features went live in version 4.0 of Instagram on iPhone and on Android shortly after they were announced.
Accessing video is certainly easy: you tap on Instagram's camera button, then a video-camera icon. The app has filched Vine's interface for shooting clips: hold your thumb down on a big red record button to start capturing video, and remove it to stop.
You can thus create multi-scene clips, or stop-motion animation if you're feeling ambitious. Vine has thrown up some really creative videos on the latter front, even if most people seem happy to point and shoot single-take clips.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/appsblog/2013/jun/21/instagram-video-vine-killer

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