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Instagram video for brands: 'The 15-second format is killer'

26/06/2013 13:01

Agencies see Facebook app's new features as complementary to Twitter's Vine, but warn against repurposed TV ads.
Instagram users posted more than 5m videos in the first 24 hours after Facebook's photo-sharing app added 15-second clip capabilities.
At its peak on Thursday night, more than 40 hours of footage was being uploaded a minute. And it's perhaps inevitable that Justin Bieber quickly became the first user to attract 1m likes for an Instagram clip.
Brands were also among the early adopters of Instagram video, including Burberry, Lululemon, Jeep and Gap. So how is the advertising industry feeling about the new features, how they compare to Twitter's existing Vine app, and where they fit in to the wider rise of super-shortform video?
The Guardian canvassed the views of a number of agencies in the UK to get their instant reactions to Instagram video. In general, it's being welcomed, but with a recognition that it shouldn't be judged by its first few days.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/appsblog/2013/jun/25/instagram-video-vine-brands-agencies

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