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In English, tachomania means obsession with speed. We only wanted to define a topic, its means will be tachometer (speedometer) and some picture or video.

05/02/2014 12:05

Tachomania is an experiment to make online phenomena and use social networks for it.

The word tachomania has not exist for us in May 2013. And while we do not claim it, this terminus techniques was made by consideration of the name of domain. In the online world the domain is a base of everything. Tachomania was created as an attempt to use online marketing from social networks and to make its via phenomena, through it would be to share pictures or videos of tachometers of their cars. Ourselves we had that picture from 2006, when we made a picture of tachometer of Citroen ZX on the highway in Slovenia. The sense of game is to impress other people to make, from their cars, own similar pictures and videos, which will primarily take speedometer. Which means tachometer.

Why not speedometer and from that coming the name speedomania?

Speedometer is just one “dial”, which shows speed of car, while tachometer contains another apparatus (revolution counter, fuel gauge, thermometer etc. Plus pilot lights, of course.). Moreover, the domain speedometer was not free. But we did not know it, when we registered the domain tachomania.com. As well, we did not know, that the word tachomania has been practically existing. In May 2013 Google did not know it. We wanted to promote our project primarily through social networks, but in fact we cannot, so we used as the first means of online marketing classical SEO for two English expressions. First of that was naturally the word tachometer and the second one the above mentioned speedometer. Only with creating of SEO we realized, that during selection of the domain we did not use the expression “speedometer” and from that the word “speedomania” into consideration at all. But how we said, this domain was engaged, so tachomania has remained for us. For a wonder, SEO spoke to some individual, nevertheless it was not effective. No picture or video have not come.

Tachometer is not only obsession with speed

In the course of autumn, when we worked in SEO for tachometer and speedometer, but we did not make any phenomena, even though we had a facebook profile, we just tried again to set the word tachomania to search engine Google. And lo and behold! The word, which has not been existing before three months in Google, got concrete dimension. Some online semantic dictionary said tachomania means in English obsession with speed (so “Tachomania is obsession with speed”) and on top of that on Youtube there were the video with same opinion. That did not contain a view of car tachometer, but we could see two “musicians”, who were affected, instead of speed, by another type of “tacho”. That two guys thought Mexican tachos, what is a food and the word mania they just added from the same reason like us. It is going about obsession. It means not only we have been working for promotion of the expression tachomania and it is good.

Next time we will say how online markting helped us through SEO and how happened, that we pardoned Facebook.