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How To Be Popular On Facebook

18/06/2013 16:05

A sure way to get Facebook comments is to post compelling questions.

Remember: Facebook is for weekends, Twitter is for weekdays and Instagram is for dinners out and vacation.

Cut photos and other Facebook posts that aren't getting "likes" and comments in the first half-hour after posting.

Don't irritate people by posting more than once or twice a day.

A photo of yourself next to a famous person -- almost any Tom, Dick or Honey Boo Boo will do -- is bound to get a ton of shares, likes and comments.

There's a reason Facebook paid a billion dollars for Instagram -- to make your photos better so you can get more FB love.

Don't post what everyone else is posting. Particularly during news events and TV finale season, post to the beat of your own drummer.

By commenting, liking and sharing other people's posts, you'll get more FB love yourself. It's a law of the universe, people.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/pictures/ellj45gkkh/questions-anyone/







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