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Heineken launches The Hangover-style online reality TV series

03/06/2013 18:59

Beer brand's 'social experiment' will record people's reactions when they are dropped into bizarre, unpredictable situations.
Heineken is to launch an online TV series following the trials and tribulations of men dropped into bizarre situations, in a "social experiment" giving a nod to The Hangover film franchise.
The online series, Dropped, is part of the latest stage of Heineken's global multimillion-pound ad campaign which continues with a new TV ad, The Voyage.
Heineken described Dropped as a "social experiment", with members of the public encouraged to live outside their boundaries and cope with unusual experiences, like the protagonist in The Voyage TV commercials.
Participants will be dropped in remote locations with just flimsy supplies and directions, and have to make their way to a destination encountering "certain engineered situations", such as strange locals or possibly useful objects.
The idea appears to loosely resemble the madcap, unpredictable situations experienced by the "wolfpack" in the Hangover trilogy, crossed with Bear Grylls' point-to-point survival journeys.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2013/may/31/heineken-hangover-online-reality-tv-series

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