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Google's first-quarter results show mobile ad sales stabilising

22/04/2013 16:05

Internet firm earned $3.3bn in first three months of the year even as average ad price falls by 6% in competition with Facebook.
Google may face joint legal action from European countries over data protection concerns. The regulators could even sue to block Google from operating in Europe.
Google's latest quarterly results provided further proof that the Internet search leader is figuring out how to make more money as Web surfers migrate from personal computers to mobile devices.
The first-quarter numbers released Thursday show that a recent decline in Google's average ad prices is easing. That's an indication that marketers are starting to pay more for the ads that Google distributes to smartphones and tablet computers.
Mobile ads so far have fetched less money than those viewed on the larger screens of laptop and desktop computers. Google's average price, or the "cost per click" to advertisers, has fallen from the previous year in six consecutive quarters, including the opening three months of the year.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/apr/18/google-first-quarter-results-profit

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