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Google Glass: what it's like to use, by the inventor of the 'Winky' photo app

14/05/2013 18:33

Much about Google's wearable computing project has come from people who haven't used it. We spoke to one person who has – and who wrote an app for taking pictures by winking.
The hype and noise around Google Glass has been colossal – triggering discussions about privacy, the limits of wearable computing, and social interaction in a world where the internet is available just an eye-glance away.
But what's it like to use Google Glass? I spoke to Michael DiGiovanni, an emerging technology leader at Isobar, a global digital marketing company – and who earlier this month released Winky, which is "Glassware" (an app for Glass) that lets you take a picture by winking.
DiGiovanni has quite a history in apps. As an Android developer for Barnes & Noble.com, he was instrumental in the creation of the Nook app for Android devices and contributed to the reading experience of the Nook Color device.
As an independent mobile developer, he has brought apps through the entire development process from conception to release. His self-published software on the Android market totals over 300,000 downloads and none has less than four stars.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/may/13/google-glass-winky-mike-digiovanni

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