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Google faces new EU complaint over mobile search

15/04/2013 17:39

Microsoft, Oracle, Kayak and other technology and search companies in the FairSearch.org coalition have filed a complaint with the European Union over Google’s Android mobile operating system, saying that the platform gives the tech giant an unfair advantage in mobile search.
The European Commission is currently reviewing Google’s desktop search practices for antitrust violations. FairSearch has been a vocal opponent of Google in the past. Following this year’s Federal Trade Commission ruling that Google search practices have not hurt consumers, the group said that it would turn its attention to the European Union.
The complaint alleges that Google’s free distribution of the Android platform is part of “deceptive conduct” to lock in the mobile search market.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-tech/post/google-faces-new-eu-complaint-over-mobile-search/2013/04/09/181edc28-a112-11e2-82bc-511538ae90a4_blog.html

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