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French 'Survivor' cancelled after contestant dies in Cambodia

28/03/2013 15:31

Contestants on a French reality television show have returned home after a 25-year-old participant died of a heart attack on the first day of filming.
Executives at TF1, the television station airing "Koh Lanta" - a "Survivor"-like show filmed in Cambodia - cancelled the popular series' 16th season after the death of Gerard Babin on Friday.
The other contestants in the show returned to France on Monday, according to media reports.
A contestant from a previous season expressed shock in at the tragedy, telling French media that medical staff were always on hand and the show was a "rolling hospital".
TF1 has not released details about what the contestants were doing when Mr Babin died.
The show asks participants to complete physical challenges, often to win food. Contestants are gradually voted off the show as the weeks progress.

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/9952917/French-Survivor-cancelled-after-contestant-dies-in-Cambodia.html

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