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Facebook comment leaves juror facing contempt charge

17/04/2013 16:14

Kasim Davey charged after allegedly posting message saying he would like to 'fuck up' defendant in child-sex case.
A juror will be prosecuted for contempt of court after allegedly writing on Facebook that he wanted to "fuck up a paedophile" during the trial of a convicted child sex offender.
Kasim Davey was discharged as a juror in the trial in December when he wrote on Facebook: "Woooow I wasn't expecting to be in a jury Deciding a paedophile's fate, I've always wanted to Fuck up a paedophile & now I'm within the law!."
He denied posting the message – which is in breach of laws on contempt of court – when initially questioned by the judge at Wood Green crown court in London. Davey was a juror at the trial of Adam Kephalas, a convicted child-sex offender who was given a suspended 12-month prison sentence in January this year.
Davey will now be prosecuted by the attorney general for "an act likely to interfere with the due administration of justice".

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/apr/17/facebook-comment-juror-contempt-charge

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