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Facebook ‘Chat Heads’ coming to iOS app

16/04/2013 21:37

Facebook will be bringing a piece of the Facebook Home suite to Apple devices through an update to its social networking app, but iPhones won’t have anything like the deep integration that Android users using Facebook Home have.
The social networking company said that just one piece of the changes — the newly designed chat layout called “Chat Heads” — will be coming to the iPhone. Chat heads changes the way Facebook messaging looks, popping up a small image of your conversation partner’s face on the screen over whatever else you may be doing.
On Android phones with Facebook Home Apple devices, chat heads appear over any open app. On Apple devices, the interface will only work in the Facebook app itself, the company said.
Bloomberg reported Tuesday that Apple and Facebook were in deeper “talks” about bringing the social network’s full suite of apps to iOS devices, but those reports met with plenty of skepticism. Facebook product director Adam Mosseri had told Bloomberg that it may also bring design elements of Facebook Home to the iPhone — the new iOS app shows that much, at least, is already happening.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/facebook-chat-heads-coming-to-ios-app/2013/04/16/82042558-a6b7-11e2-8302-3c7e0ea97057_story.html

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