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Expensive celebrity online reality show or low cost loser online reality show and production by help of Google Glass

13/06/2013 14:47

Theme of celebrity online reality show and production

Project of online reality show has been taken to make new format of show, which will continue on TV reality show with the difference, that everything will be online. Interesting idea, how the online reality show could look like, was published by Zdeněk Kubík (legendary Czech Made Man) on his FB profile. His vision is not about online reality show, but it is about topic of film. Renaissance Zdeněk Kubík works as a film producer and he is logically interested of original themes and ideas to making a film. The main person of the film was a celebrity, who would show his private life by help of glasses with camera and microphone for 24/7 (it means 24 hours a day and 7 days per week or we can say also non-stop). The story of film would not finish elimination of competitors, unlike current reality shows, but in fact loss of privacy, when celebrity would perceive the presence of camera after some time and start to behave absolutely naturally, without regard to be a picture of life show, which would fascinate watchers all over the world. It is not totally original idea. Something similar (in 1998, when TV was dominated) the film Truman show or Bowfinger by Steve Martin in 1999 has been already shown. At the other hand it is very inspirational topic. The question is how much is the first costs of production.

Lowcost loser online reality show and Google Glass

But in fact exactly first costs whichever online reality show can rapidly run down somebody, who would perform in reality show for free. It means someone, for whom TV or internet exhibition and self-presentation is a way, how to change own life and get a new aim and still unattainable possibility. Almost all reality shows are built on this principle. Professionally unimportant people show their abilities (or inabilities) and one of the performers wins the main prize (money, possibility of another work, or production etc.). And online reality show can be built on the similar principle. The main protagonist is a loser, who gets glasses with camera and microphone (e.g. prepared by Google Glass) and go out to terrain to show the life minute by minute. Of course, to watch somebody, celebrity or loser, is not any win. On the online programme the production would have to take care of discovery of interesting enough and acceptable long version of 24/7 from Google Glass. Costs of production for the one show: One Google Glass!

The Internet and social nets as a space and advertising of online reality show

Of course, the costs of online production would not be made only by shopping of Google Glass. Nevertheless thanks to the thing, that online reality show would use The Internet, another costs of the production would be perfectly minimum. The Internet is practically (theoretically) free and if online reality would have an interesting dramaturgy, then social nets and sharing of videos on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ would take care of its propagation. Korean rapper Psy, who we wrote about, reached a global success just and only because of sharing his video by people between themselves (and after it classical media used it). If MTV in 80´s killed radio stars ("Video Killed the Radio Star"), it is quite sure, that The Internet will kill TV production. We wish to have it like that!

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