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Cork online ‘reality show’ is YouTube sensation

07/08/2013 17:54

The 10-minute mockumentary Corcaigh Shore, which transplant the antics of the stars of MTV’s smash hits Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore and TV3’s Tallafornia to the banks of the Lee, has notched up almost 40,000 hits since it debuted on YouTube on Sunday night, and has set Twitter alight.
It shows its seven stars, aged 19 to 23, chugging beer bongs, downing shots, and concludes with two of the lads stripping to their underwear to dance in the city’s Berwick Fountain.
Such has been the reaction to what was supposed to be a one-off, its creator Stephen Randles, 21, says he is considering shooting more episodes.
“We just wanted to do Cork proud. We just wanted to have a bit of fun — to do our own Cork version of Jersey Shore or Geordie Shore,” the third-year commerce student at UCC said.
“We did it for a bit of craic and fun. But the reaction has been incredible. We didn’t realise what we were getting ourselves into.”
The debut was shot in one day almost two weeks ago with Jeff Dolan, video blogger Cian Twomey, Ben Derham, Dave O’Sullivan, Rachel O’Donnell, Fiona Buckley, and Megan McCarthy in the starring roles.
“It’s absolutely mental, the attention it’s getting,” Stephen said.
“We just wanted to show the Cork side of things. Jumping in the Lough and the fountain are typical things a Cork person would do.”
Stephen defended the behaviour and said: “It’s aimed at the 19-23 age market and that’s the kind of stuff they get up to. We didn’t want to give Cork a bad name. We are trying to show Cork in as good a light as we can, and show the city off at its best.
“We had to have some bit of cringe in it. But it’s quite mild and timid compared to the stuff on Tallafornia.”

Source: https://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/cork-online-reality-show-is-youtube-sensation-238315.html