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Can this Internet entrepreneur overthrow U.S. political parties?

28/10/2013 20:37

We’re all motivated by something. Provision for our families, fear of the competition, God, money.
But Mike Mann’s mission for raking in millions of dollars selling domain names and operating Internet businesses, is to make a difference in the world. And not a small one.
The man credited with owning the most valuable domain of all time, Sex.com, buying up 14,962 domain names in 24 hours, and having three fast-growing companies on the Inc. 500 in 2012, is a lifelong philanthropist and lobbyist whose latest effort is a 20-year plan to overturn the U.S. political party system.
His vision for the Better Government Party is to eventually displace Republicans and Democrats, whose parties he says are useless, corrupt and fraudulent. His party will be built on transparency, trust and accountability.
And like his other ventures, he’ll write the branding and marketing plans and round up the financing, but hire other bright, creative people to run it. He’s spending the next three months in the nation’s capital planting the seeds.

Source: https://upstart.bizjournals.com/companies/startups/2013/10/25/tech-guru-creates-political-party.html