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'Buckwild' star Salwa Amin arrested in drug raid

13/02/2013 16:51

Buckwild star Salwa Amin has gotten into trouble with the law. Amin was arrested in a drug raid outside of Charleston, WV on Sunday along with two men on a charge of with possession on intent to deliver, E! News reported.
According to Summersville Police Chief J. Nowak, the threesome was taken into custody after a person informed the drug task force of a car with a Michigan license plate delivering an alleged narcotics shipment to a house in Nicholas County.
After police reportedly watched the residence and noticed people constantly entering and leaving its doors on foot, they obtained a search warrant and soon discovered Amin, Shawn Booker and house owner Jason Jones hiding outside in a shed which sheltered three bags of heroin.

Source: https://www.realitytvworld.com/news/buckwild-star-salwa-amin-arrested-in-drug-raid-14411.php