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Beware: Your Business Is At The Mercy Of Facebook! Social Fixer Page Deleted Without Explanation…

13/09/2013 21:04

I’ve spent 4 years and countless hours building up a community around my software: my Page had 338,050 Likes, my Support Group had 13,360 members, and my Interest List had 1.47 Million followers. But all of that work was wiped out in an instant when Facebook decided to shut it down without notice.
My software is a free browser extension that fixes and enhances the Facebook user interface, called Social Fixer. It is widely popular and used by over a million people. Since my application is tightly integrated with Facebook, it’s only logical that I would use the site to build my community of users, provide support, and make important announcements. I am trying to make their site better, after all.

Source: https://socialfixer.com/blog/2013/09/12/beware-your-business-is-at-the-mercy-of-facebook-social-fixer-page-deleted-without-explanation/