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AT&T dumps Facebook phone as Home limps past 1m downloads

14/05/2013 18:27

Android app launcher developed by social network receives poor reviews and slow downloads, while US network gets ready to drop dedicated.
Facebook Home, the app intended to turn Android phones into a sort of "Facebook phone", is struggling. Having taken almost a month to hit a million downloads from Google's Play store, more than half of the 16,000-odd reviews on the store give it just one star - the lowest grade possible - against 17% offering a 5-star review.
Separately, AT&T is reported to be preparing to abandon the Android-based HTC First - also known as the "Facebook Phone" - after having last week cut its price from $99 to just 99 cents on the phone which was introduced only at the beginning of April.
Internally, Facebook is understood to be debating how to respond to the poor reception that Home - which was intended to be its foray into the smartphone market without actually having to produce its own phone.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/may/14/facebook-home-app-htc-problems

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