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Apple in US court over accusations of fixing prices of ebooks

05/06/2013 16:40

Justice Department arguing tech firm conspired with publishers to set prices of ebooks – and break Amazon's grip on market.
Apple colluded with the world's top publishers to bump up the price of ebooks and cost consumers "hundreds of millions of dollars", a US court heard Monday.
At the start of what's expected to be a three-week antitrust trial, Department of Justice lawyer Lawrence Buterman argued Apple was determined to break Amazon's grip on the ebook market at the expense of consumers.
"Apple told publishers that Apple – and only Apple – could get prices up in their industry," he said during opening arguments.
The closely watched trial will review evidence from late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and other Silicon Valley luminaries. Though the company does not face a fine, it could face damages in a separate trial by the state attorneys general if found guilty.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/jun/03/apple-us-court-fixing-price-ebooks

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