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Anonymous-linked groups publish EDL supporters' personal information

30/05/2013 13:52

Statement released in name of hacktivist group accuses EDL of inciting the subjugation of Muslims.
Individuals claiming to be part of international hacktivist group Anonymous have published phone numbers and addresses for supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) as part of what they said was the first phase of a campaign to destroy the far-right street protest movement.
An audio statement posted on YouTube on Tuesday in the name of Anonymous UK accused the EDL of using the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby to spread a campaign of hate and bigotry and said that it would begin a "systematic and comprehensive decimation [sic]" of the group.
A list of what were said to be mobile phone numbers for senior named EDL figures were published online on Tuesday evening along with addresses of what were said to be donors to the far-right group.
Twitter accounts also re-published leaked details of hundreds of names and addresses linked to the EDL which were circulated on the web in 2010 after hackers broke in to one of the organisation's websites, prompting it to warn members of the potential for reprisals.

Source: https://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/may/28/anonymous-edl-supporters-information

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